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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crafting for a "Celebrity"

Boy oh I WAAAAYYYYY overdue for a new posting!! So, I thought I would highlight my newest card that I finally completed this past weekend. I say "finally" because a friend of mine, Trish, commissioned me to make this card, along with a couple dry erase boards, back in late February. So, during my time off last week, I got down to business and here is what came out of it.... Trish and her family are headed to Canton, Ohio this August to attend the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony that will honor Floyd Little, nickanamed The Franchise, for his years of playing on the Denver Broncos. Trish is very friendly with Floyd's daughter, Christy Jones, who lives in the Washington, DC area. Congrats to Floyd "The Franchise" Little!!!! Hope he likes the card.

Here is one of the dry erase boards I made for Trish to give as a going away gift to another friend and her family...

All I can say is...Poor Kevin!!!!!


  1. I love it and am thrilled you posted them! You are the best, and I am so lucky to have such a crafty friend!

  2. Hi Christine, My name is DeBorah and I am Floyd Little's wife. I was cleaning off my desk and came across the absolutely great card you made for Trish to give to Floyd. It prompted me to visit your website and surprise, surprise, the card is featured on your site. Floyd and I LOVED the card! I'll be saving it, and your website address, to hopefully inspire me to get creative and stop sending those standard, store bought cards. Thank you and Trish again. What a great, thoughtful gift.