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Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Details Regarding Twitterpated Workshop (previous post - see below)

Just to give you a little more information about the Twitterpated Workshop I'm offering on September 27, the number of projects you can complete with the "Basic" Kit are AT LEAST the following:

  • 6 cards and one 2-page scrapbook layout, or
  • 12 cards, or
  • two 2-page scrapbook layouts.

However, you will actually be able to do MORE projects after you leave the workshop because I will be providing you with some additional cardstock, as well as instructions that are in addition to what you receive in the workshop guide. These extras will allow you to create additional cards and scrapbook layouts on your own that will be different from what you complete at the workshop!!

If you do decide to attend the workshop on September 27, in order to make sure I have your supplies in time, I will need to receive confirmation of your interest to attend and payment absolutely NO LATER THAN September 9. Keep in mind that the "Best" Kit will provide you with additional products to jazz up your artwork and really put on the finishing touches!

Here is the breakdown of TOTAL COST, depending on which Kit you choose:

  1. Basic Kit ($29.95) plus s/h ($2.38) plus tax ($1.62) = $33.95*
  2. Best Kit ($40.65) plus s/h ($3.23) plus tax ($2.19) = $46.07*

* Kit price is multiplied by .0795 for shipping/handling charges and then tax (5%) is charged on the Kit price + S/H.

Just contact me via e-mail at: or call me (703)927-2404. I look forward to hearing from you!!

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